“Blessings of Self-Mastery” by: Marixi Salud

Ms. Marixi has been away from the Philippines for 16 yrs. She became a wife & mother and raised her children for the past 23 years mostly away from the country. She was born here in the Philippines and finished Psychology in Ateneo. She loved Psychology but was a little bit afraid of it. It helped her unearth a lot of things about herself. She focused on her kids and was a housewife until 3 yrs. ago when she decided to take up another training course. She turned away from Psychology because she believed she was inequipped in certain ways but she couldn’t deny her skills even if she turned away from them.

She took up Body Coaching. This began a more formal way of discovering and healing herself. They moved houses 8 times, 5 countries, 8 schools and she has done well with all of those. She was highly functional on the outside and producing results and successes but in her quiet moments, she knows that there is really something missing. She used to berate herself for that. She had so many days of no energy, constant headaches since she was young, stomach aches and a lot of self doubt.

A lot was transformed in her when she took Pranic Healing. She came into the school with her personality, profession, experiences, challenges and joys. Pranic Healing has helped her recognize all of those, be thankful for them and recognize that what she had then, she can now deepen and expand. She has had her own healing journey using different modalities. Now that she is with Pranic Healing, it has elevated it even more. She says the mix is just wonderful and joyous.

Ms. Marixi shared that when we do energy healing, we can reflect on our strengths. For many years, she spotlighted on things that were bringing her down. If we don’t study our thoughts they will just spiral and bring you down. Train your mind to spotlight on the good. Recognize your weaknesses, embrace them, befriend them and send them on their way. Only then can we focus on your strengths.

Ms. Marixi used to think that blessings were something material, something that you can count and name. She is blessed with a good family, home, experiences, etc. Her mother and sister-in-law are now Pranic Healers. She realized that with Pranic Healing, blessings are very subtle. Before manifesting physically, blessings are already there. Ms. Marixi was spotlighting on the wrong things before. She couldn’t count her blessings, felt very sad and lonely inside and disconnected despite all the blessings. Doing the Pranic Healing meditations, self-healing, healing others and opening up to something higher than herself, this helped her feel the blessings even before they materialize.

How to have the blessing of self mastery everyday:
1. SELF CARE – taking care of the body (vessel). Our physical body is so important. It is our best friend here on earth. It is a portal to being our best self. It houses our soul. Without it, we cannot reach God. As a Mind Body Coach, she learned that self-care includes everthing we eat, how we breathe, how we move our body, how we respect our body. The teachings of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui lifted up her learning to self-healing, to what kind of food to eat, how to bless the food and how to help others around you. The Pranic Healing school also helps us make our thoughts clear and how to cleanse and regulate our emotions.

2. SOUL CARE – one of the reasons why Ms. Marixi was spotlighting on the painful parts of her life, on how emotionally unregulated she was, on the people she can’t forgive was because she was disconnected from the Source. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui taught us a very beautiful & powerful prayer called the ‘So Ham’ (I Am the Soul). She was a very devout Catholic when she was younger. Upon leaving the Philippines, befriending a lot of people from other nations and knowing about other religions, she realized that there is just 1 God. She let go of her Catholic religion. When she came to Pranic Healing, she learned that Master Choa respects all religions. This made her realize that the rituals are important and there is a meaning to all of them.

3. SERVICE – As a mother, she was fully focused on her kids. She did not think of developing her profession until her kids are in College. This gave her a lot of time and a chance to get to know herself even better. Pranic Healing helped her realize that she has so many blessings, financial security. Her energy is cleaner and has elevated. Pranic Healing helps us cleanse our energy body and build our character & connection to God. Service becomes a natural next step. We all have so much to give and so much to share. It doesnt have to be big. It can happen in small steps. When you start serving, you start planting, blooming and harvesting. And the harvest is just wonderful.

Ms. Marixi says that all of this can be done with 2 things in mind: love and compassion. Put yourself in a state of love and compassion so you can become honest with yourself. With honesty comes clarity of mind, emotional regulation, knowing that you need the Divine Source and seeing that you have so much to give and then you can flow.

Thank you Ms. Marixi for sharing your inspiring story.

At Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines (PHFP) event:
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Every Thursday at 6:00pm-8:30pm and every Saturday at 5:30pm-8pm
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RSVP +63 917 852 7434

*Energy exchange: any amount (voluntary tithe)

Hope to see you all at our next HOME Session!


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