Healing Tumor by Donna Bautista

Ms. Lijanawati Soenarijo, is the mom of Elizabeth Diana Chandra, a Pranic healer and Arhatic Yogi. Last November 1, 2017, we were informed thru her Facebook that she is in the hospital and she doesn’t look good. Thru chat, Diana told me that her mom has a tumor on her intestines and she is scheduled for operation on Nov. 1. Without any delay, we offered to give Pranic Healing to Ms. Lijanawati. It was one session of healing and then she was brought to the operating room. Diana said that it would take 4 hours.

Later that afternoon, in less than 4 hours, I saw numerous texts from Diana, seemingly wanting to shout these words : “DONNA!!! There was no tumor found!!! The doctor confirmed it.” The doctors found no tumor, just twisted intestines that they need to remove.

I can see Diana and her clan jumping out for joy. These things could not possibly be done without Pranic Healing. The severity of the ailment was toned down to a minimum level.

These are the works of God thru Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s Pranic Healing. God has no limitations. The gift of Pranic Healing made us see miracles happening and unfolding before our eyes. Thank you God, to our teacher Grand Master Choa Kok Sui for the teachings and for the great, great blessings. Thank you for making us channels of Divine Healing to Ms. Lijanawati.



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