“You can be a Catalyst for Change” by: Macky Masilang

Macky is a Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yogi, Businessman, Health and Finance Advocate and Speaker. He started with Pranic Healing last September 2017.

In chemistry, a catalyst helps create a rapid chemical reaction without being used up in the process. Then it does it again and again.

As a person, being a catalyst means being able to influence and inspire others for rapid transformation and growth without being drained. Then we do it again for another person, another project, another community, etc.


Kahlil was a young entrepreneur who founded an I.T. business many years ago. He was successful but quite rebellious. He worked hard and partied hard. There was an extreme imbalance in his life.

One day, while he was jogging, he smelled burning plastic wires. He started coughing. He looked around but there was nothing burning anywhere. He slowly felt like drowning. He realized that he was smelling the blood inside his lungs and he was drowning from it. Kahlil rushed himself to the Emergency Room of a nearby hosital. He found out that he has blood inside his lungs. He Had to undergo therapy and medication for more than 9 months. That was a wake up call for him.

He changed his lifestyle, practiced moderation and became a pescatarian. He avoided meat completely and was eating only fish and veggies. He also exercised regulary and was juicing vegetables everyday.

After five to six years, he had another sickness. Even during the summer, he felt coldness and was always shivering. He experienced loss of breath after a few steps. He had chronic vertigo and had severe fatigue without doing anything. Kahlil consulted different medical professionals. Surprisingly, every laboratory and medical test is normal. One night, while he was shivering, he decided to walk barefoot and hugged a tree. At that moment, he felt he was really going to die.


Manuel is a young entrepreneur in the Health and Wellness industry. He has a healthy lifestyle and a balanced life. He also exercises and meditates. Just like Kahlil, he experienced a series of unexplained illnesses and sickness. He consulted alternative forms of healing from NLP practitioners, herbalist, acupuncturists, etc. He was referred by someone to a school that teaches the science and art of energy healing. At first, he was skeptical. Manuel attended a H.O.M.E. session and he was slowly and constantly transformed and rejuvenated. He then felt bliss and peace. He even referred his family and friends to the school.

Manuel and Kahlil are both sick but they reacted differently. Even though they have different stories, they are actually the same person. They are both personal stories of Macky.

The story of Kahlil was a catalyst for change for the story of Manuel. The story of Manuel became the catalyst for change for the diffent areas of Macky’s life.

For Macky, health means vitality, strength, movement. He is not an active or athletic person but he enjoys travelling and adventure. From that lifestyle, he had chronic vertigo, could not move and was always in severe fatigue. Through Pranic Healing, in just one session, he was completely healed after doing the Meditation on Twin Hearts. The warmth and vitality came back immediately.

Macky reflected deeply on why he was sick despite taking care of his body. He is a mentor on personal finance and health. He realized that as a mentor, he was very strict, impatient, borderline arrogant, judgmental and self righteous to his mentees. He was projecting his own frustrations to others. He had the vices of impatience and arrogance, addicted to progress and success and was very hard to others and to himself. When he admitted those weaknesses, he started accepting God’s healing energy. He also learned to trust and to let go.

Money is not the most important thing in the world but it affects the most important things in the world. We must be very good managers of our finances because prosperity has a higher and deeper purpose. Macky became a full time entrepreneur in 2007. He founded and co-founded different businesses from IT and Health & Wellness. One industry kept calling him back. He was reminded of his 2 Grandfathers who died of severe blood diseases. Doctors said that there is a big possibility that they died because of using a certain type of liniment that slowly poisoned their bloodstream. Because of this, Macky’s family founded different health and wellness businesses.

In 2008, they founded Oleia, a natural pain reliver. In 2012, they founded Nutrilab and in 2014, Mt. Banahaw Sariaya Farm, an organic farm. Macky focused his energy into the Health and Wellness businesses because he believes that it is part of his karmic responsibility. Through Pranic Healing, he was reminded and affirmed of it’s importance.

In 2008, the original mission of Oleia is to alleviate the pain and suffering of families. This is similar to the mission of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, which is to alleviate the pains and sufferings of humanity.

Nica, Macky’s wife, is also a Pranic Healer and an Arhatic Yogi. After attending the H.O.M.E. session, Macky felt vitality. He told his wife to attend the Pranic Healing and finish the courses so she could heal him. Nica did not attend at first and they argued a lot. Macky was again projecting his own frustration towards another person.

Macky was forced to attend the first 2 courses. After a few days, Nica approached him and told him that she also wanted to attend the Pranic Healing courses. It’s because Nica noticed that Macky is becoming more patient, more kind with his words, more generous and respectful of his time, tactful, sincere, diligent, responsible and being more balanced. In a just a few days, Nica noticed a lot of positive changes in Macky. They attended the higher courses together.

They also invited his mother, Angie, to Pranic Healing. Angie is s a biochemist and scientist. She immediately took and finished the courses. Whenever she formulates natural ingredients, it is now compounded by energy. Angie applies an energy technique, Applied Spiritual Technology, which is uniquely taught in the Pranic Healing school. Their products are enhanced to nourish the body and soul of the consumers. It is full of love. It is now a catalyst for change.

His mother referred his sister, Mona, to attend the Pranic Healing courses. Mona volunteered to be the subject in the Pranic Psychotherapy practicum to heal smokers. After the 30 minute healing, Mona is healed of her 15 year smoking addiction with no withdrawal symptoms.

Andrey Bolante, the person who referred Macky to the school, was also a catalyst for change. By taking the time to invite Macky to attend the courses, Andrey influenced the deeper areas of Macky’s life, the life of his family and the life of other people.

Macky shared that Pranic Healing is not about living a perfect life. It is living a holistic life. It is a continuous, constant and consistent journey.

Through Pranic Healing, it was affirmed and reaffirmed that Macky is a Temple of Holy spirit, a Disciple of Jesus and a Child of God.

The school also teaches the virtue of honesty and non-lying. The truth is we really cannot aspire to be a catalyst for change because we are already a catalyst for change. Everything we do and say influences someone dramatically whether we are aware of it or not.

Macky ended his talk by asking these questions:
What kind of catalyst are you? What kind of catalyst do you want to be?

Macky said that we are all a catalysts for change for our Founder, Master Choa Kok Sui’s vision – Heaven on Earth.

Thank you Macky for sharing your inspiring story.

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