“The 3F’S in the Family” by: Atty. Chi Padayao

Atty. Chi is a lawyer, Pranic Healer and an Arhatic Yogi. A friend brought her to Pranic Healing. She was a smoker for 18 years but in just 30 minutes of healing, her smoking addiction and depression were healed. She said that the addiction and emotional blocks were congesting & decongesting her energy body and disconnected her from the important things in her life.

Master Choa Kok Sui said “The real cause of psychological ailments is insufficient soul contact. Love is therapeutic.” Atty. Chi’s healing started when love came back into her life. Her big message for her talk is “Let love flow.” She said that we should start with our families.

“Family life is one of the fastest ways to spiritual development. Inevitably, there is relationship friction. You develop self-sacrifice, self-control, patience, flexibility, and tolerance.” Grand Master Choa Kok Sui

Because Atty. Chi was the first grandchild, she was spoiled twice. She had 24/7 access to candies because both her grandmothers have retail stores. Because of this, she had frequent visits to the dentist and she hated it. Every visit, she would cry and fight with her parents. One time her mother forced her to go to the dentist. Atty. Chi destroyed the pair of new shoes they bought for her as a bribe. She thinks that her mother developed self-control, patience and tolerance that time.

Atty. Chi also had fights about being dressed up. When she was young, she didn’t know what girls should and should not do. She was always outdoors playing with her friends and getting into all sorts of trouble. Her uncle was so shocked when he saw her playing basketball with her friends without her shirt on. Good thing she was just seven year old that time. Atty. Chi believes that her uncle developed self-control patience because of that.

In Pranic Healing, we develop spiritually by being good blessers. Atty. Chi learned to bless the inner child in her as well as all the children in the world.

“What is the use of getting the entire world if one loses his soul?” Matthew 16:26

a. Flight from her spiritual family
Growing up, Atty. Chi loved going to the religious practices in the province. In High School, her mother bought spiritual books like Theosophical digest. She learned about enlightenment, meditation, Buddhism, etc. Her mother asked her to stop reading those books to avoid confusion.

When she came to Manila to study, she met Academic Freedom. She shifted her focus to existensialism and even atheism. During those times, she wasn’t even going to Mass. She lost her center.

b. Flight from her biological family
Because she wanted to protect herself from the fights in her family, she withdrew from them physically and emotionally. She felt her family didn’t love her.

According to John Helliwell of the University of British Columbia, “Just going from being friendless to having one friend or family member to confide in had the same effect on life satisfaction as a tripling of income.”

Through Pranic Healing, it became easier for Atty. Chi to forgive. The blocks and disconnections from her family just melted away. Now she is closer to her family than ever. She can talk about anything to them. Her family did not change but she did.

According to Master Choa Kok Sui, “Obstacles are part of life. You must flow like water. Learn to let go in order to flow with the situation.”

a. Going back into love
Three years ago, there were a lot of obstacles in her life. She had depression, fear and anxiety. She woke up around 5 am one day. She couldn’t breathe and needed fresh air. She went out of the house and just kept on walking. After one hour of walking, her feet brought her to church. She attended Mass. Going back home, she suddenly felt she wanted to physically end everything. Something inside her said “not yet”. She asked how she can get out of the mess she was in and how she can be happy. Slowly she felt love flowing back into her. With Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, this experience just got deeper and more meaningful.

She realized that we are all one. With the Pranic Healing techniques, she is able to help her family, friends and other people. After doing distant Pranic Healing on his father’s hypertension, he was also healed of some of his vices.

Thank you Atty. Chi for sharing your inspiring story.

At Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines (PHFP) event:
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