“You Are Worthy of Love” by Nica Masilang

Nica is a practicing Pranic Healer, Arhatic Yogi and a successful Businesswoman. She is married to a great and wonderful man, Macky, who is instrumental in many things in her life. Everyday she thanks the Lord that He gave her a physical representation of His immense love for her.

Before meeting Macky, Nica used to doubt herself. Every single day, she questioned a lot of things about herself the moment she wakes up. She used to believe that no matter what she did or how much effort she exerted, it was never enough.

Their family business closed down soon after Nica finished college. She was 22 years old when that happened. As the eldest in the family, she had to take up the mantle of being the family breadwinner. She had to financially support her parents and siblings. Her parents incurred a 7 figure debt from closing their business.

Nica flew to Singapore to work hoping for a bigger income. She thought that it was the way to quickly pay off their debt and save up for herself. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well as planned. In 2008, global recession came threatening her job security. She was just 3 months in her job then. The noise became louder in the morning. She started to look for ways to drown the noise.

Nica worked harder and saved up to 80% of her income just to pay off their debt quickly. She also worked smarter by creating a real estate business to earn passive income. After being freed of financial obligation to her family, she decided to show love to herself because she felt so deprived. She purchased the latest gadgets, travelled and toured the world, and went in and out of romantic relationships. The feeling of happiness from gaining all of these was just short-lived. Nica went back to the feeling of self doubt.

When Macky came into her life, he made a promise to make her feel loved that all her past hurts will heal. Nica allowed Macky to love her. Macky inspired beauty in her, with make up or without make up. He romanced her by serenading her during his marriage proposal in a chapel in Don Bosco. He surprised her with flowers and romantic dates. Macky also made her play an irreplaceable role as his lifetime partner. They were married in less than 2 years of meeting each other.
As his real estate partner, shortly after their wedding, they were handpicked to vacate a real estate development company that would construct buildings and operate a new brand of putting hotels.

One day, Macky asked her a question – “Do I make you feel loved?”. He proceeded to share his mission in life as her husband. Macky desired to be Jesus to her, to make her feel God’s love every single day. That brought tears to her heart. Nica realized that in the past, she had been very critical of herself and of how her life should look like.
She used to believe that the real her was unlovable, that nobody would love her.

According to Master Choa Kok Sui, “If the mind is ugly, what comes out of the mouth is ugly. Regulate the internal storm.” Nica had ugly thoughts. Macky reminded her that God loves her as His child no matter what, that she is enough to God and that she is worthy of His love. Nica is very thankful to her husband for leading her to Pranic Healing.

Nica was hesitant to learn Pranic Healing at first but because she was Macky’s first patient, she was healed of negative energies. She felt lighter, warmth and loved. The week following the healing, she became so lucky. Each item in her to do list got all complete without her doing anything. She was also surprised to receive money without her asking. That convinced her to take up the Basic Pranic Healing course. At first, she was skeptical if the healing techniques would work to strangers. She volunteered to heal in the H.O.M.E. session. She was surprised that her patients were healed of a specific negative energy that she was intending to remove without her mentioning it loudly.

Nica realized that God, thru Pranic Healing, inspired beauty in her. She felt light, warmth and loved. God romanced her. He serenaded her with a complete to do list. He surprised her with money that she needed. God also made her play an irreplaceable role, to become a Pranic Healer so that she can heal herself and others.

One of the best things she appreciated in Pranic Healing is the guided meditation. As she went through the higher courses of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, Nica realized that she was the one who was noisy. She has been praying and praying to God that she forgot to listen to Him. The meditations made her listen to God. Nica also loves the Soul Affirmation because it removes all the self doubt and replaces it with God’s Divine Love.

Nica shared that only God’s love is perfect love. Only with God that we won’t feel any doubts because we are all children of God and we are all worthy of His love.

Thank you Nica for sharing your inspiring story.

At Pranic Healing Foundation of the Philippines (PHFP) event:
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Every Thursday at 6:00pm-8:30pm and every Saturday at 5:30pm-8pm
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RSVP +63 917 852 7434

*Energy exchange: any amount (voluntary tithe)

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